Travel Tips

Check in for  your flight online for scheduled changes in your departure time. Also check to see if there have been any changes on your return flight. The airlines change departure times all the time but, it is your responsibility to keep up with any changes. You can enter your cell phone or email to receive updates on any changes or delays as soon as the airline post them. 

Have a friend or neighbor check your mail and pick up newspapers while you are away. This will help keep your house from looking empty to burglars. You may want to contact a security company to keep an eye on your home or ask your local police to patrol more often.

If you think you may get seasick, request a midship cabin where the ship's movement is minimized.

Pack small liquids or medications in a plastic Ziplock bags. They will be easier to identify and will not spill as easily. Pack medications in your carry on so you always have them with you. 

If you are traveling to a business meeting or a special affair, be sure to wear what you need or carry it on the plane with you. That way you won't have to worry about lost or delayed luggage.

Dry foods, like bread or crackers help settle an uneasy stomach caused by motion sickness. Also it is a good idea to cut down on your intake of liquids.

 However, many cruise lines offer special programs for children and most travel agents know which cruise lines to guide you towards.

Read everything you can about your destination.  Many cities will mail you travel guides. 

Motion sickness medication does not work if you are already sick. You must take it before your departure.

Be sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking or athletic shoes that are well broken in. The middle of a long tour or cruise is not the place to break in a new pair of shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking and sore feet can put a crimp in any vacation plan

Did you know that you can finance a Cruise? Just put down a small deposit and the final payment is not due until 60 to 90 days before the sailing date. Ask any of our agents about this fantastic way to budget for your next great getaway.

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